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knew there was a need for sharpening done correctly, and opened his first location in Winnetka, in 2015. Dolphin, a New Trier grad, has been involved in and passionate about local sports for years. He is a certified youth/ highschool coach for both hockey and soccer, and an enthusiastic Blackhawks fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sharpening is recommended?
  • Not all sharpening is the same.  Not all skates are the same.  We recommend stopping by one of our locations or calling us directly, so we can better understand your your style of play.  We are happy to make recommendations if you're unsure.  

What are the benefits of changing your sharpening?
  • Changing your hollow affects two things mainly; how much your edges will dig into the ice and how much you glide with your skate flat on the ice. With a sharper or lower number (i.e. ⅜”) your edges would dig in more naturally which would allow for tighter turns but will create more drag going straight. A duller hollow or higher number (i.e. ⅝” or ¾”) will dig into the ice less which will make turning harder but will reduce drag going straight. If you are interested in changing hollows we would be more than happy to help you find what works best for you.
Can you sharpen skates with Flat Bottom V?
  • We do not offer flat bottom V at our locations.  Unfortunately flat bottom V requires resharpening after each skate. 
    What is stick flex and how does it relate to me?
    • The flex that is written on the stick is the number of pounds it takes to bend the shaft. When trying to pick out a flex you have to take into account your height and weight. For the most part children’s flex is decided based on their height, if the stick fits correctly without too much alteration it should work well for them. For an adult consider your height and weight because the taller and heavier you are the more leverage you can put on the stick so you will require a heavier flex. First you should find a stick that is at your nose or higher to find the right length you would need and then decide from there. If you need help deciding on exactly what flex to use feel free to ask for more information.
      How tall should my new stick be?
      • The general rule of thumb is to your nose off skates and your chin on skates. When looking to purchase a new stick you should find one that makes it to your nose or a little bit taller because you can always cut it down. For children we like to cut to eye level so they can keep the stick for a little longer while growing.
        Do you cut sticks at your shop?
        • Don't mess up your stick!  We cut our customers sticks down all the time. We would be more than happy to handle this for you. 
          What is skate molding and can you do it?
          • Skate molding is the process of heating the skates up and tying them tight around your foot to have the materials of the boot shape around it to provide a more comfortable feel and allow better skating performance. There is a limit of how many times you can bake a pair skates before the material starts to degrade so be cautious when baking a used pair of skates. We do have the equipment needed at our North Shore Ice Arena location to mold skates and will be happy to help you do it, it can take around 30 minutes from start to finish so call ahead of time.
            Can you repair skates and other equipment?
            • We can do rivets and other repairs at our North Shore Ice Arena location. If there is a problem with your skates or equipment our Team will be more than happy to help you figure out what actions are needed.