Sharpening your skates is an important part of any on-ice sport. It helps keep your skates in top condition and can help prevent injuries. We perform the best traditional skate sharpening in the North Shore.

By sharpening skates by hand, we are able to determine and adjust the angle of the blade, determining how sharp the skate will be. The sharper the angle, the more responsive the skate will be. The blade will also be more prone to wear and tear over time.

Home Ice Advantage can adjust the angle and shape of the blade to suit the individual player's needs. Sharpening your skates regularly will keep them in good condition and help you to perform your best on the ice.

Leaving your skate sharpening to the poorly trained will not only have a negative impact on your game, but also your blades. Skate sharpening is equal parts art and science which is why having a professional with knowledge and experience is important in achieving the perfect blade for every individual.

⁠With over 7 years of experience sharpening skates and a lifetime of skating and playing hockey, we’re able to help guide skaters in determining the best cut, grind, or hollow for each type of skater.⁠

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